Neck Gaiter/Face Mask - Black
Neck Gaiter/Face Mask - Black
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Neck Gaiter/Face Mask - Black

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Winter won't stand a chance with this mask

Stay warm this winter while still looking sharp with these great new winter neck gaiters!

Elasticity - This gaiter/face mask is made from Ultra-stretchy material which fits most adults comfortably. It won't stretch out of shape like other cheaper materials will over time.

Convenience - One size fit most adults so it is a convenient go anywhere product.

Material - Made from a fabric that is quick drying and breathable. A material that is both durable and comfortable.

Stay Warm - Live comfortably while working up a sweat this winter.

Stay Dry - Reduce wet discomfort with quick drying properties.

Stay Safe - Protect yourself from germs while looking stylish.

Extremely Soft Fabric - We don't use any additives or chemicals during our process so you can rest assured that the fabric on this neck gaiter is safe to wear next to skin or even against your face.

Side Seam - We designed this neck gaiter so it's long enough to cover most of your head when worn like a mask (you can't see anyone's eyes).

Material - Fleece is a comfortable soft feel fabric material that's durable and quick drying.

Made from Ultra - Stretch Fabric - Ultra-stretch fabric will give this garment a great stretchable fit for any body type

Side Seam - Construction with a side seam will provide comfort and ease when putting on this garment

Quick Drying - Constructed from quick drying fabric

Keeps You Warm - Layer up without sacrificing comfort or style. Our soft neck gaiter is lightweight and breathable so it can shield you from wind, cold air, or light precipitation.

Protects Against Odors - Whether it's garlic on your breath or a day at the dog park, this petite accessory will keep you smelling sweet - so no need to fret about the consequences.

Doubles as a Scarf - It might sound like an afterthought, but our thin design means it packs a powerful punch. Use it as a scarf on cold days or around your neck when you're expecting rain.