Gaiters: the cover up stuff

Gaiter Goblin offers a huge variety of gaiters for men, women and children. We are massive fans of these hard working, multi-tasking accessories and have sourced a range of gaiters that offer our customers a combination of good looks, durability, ease of care, functionality and versatility.

What we’ve learned is that gaiters tend to travel in packs – you can never have just one, which is why we’ve made sure that we offer our customers excellent value for money.

Due to the varied application, different uses, environments and seasons there is a choice of fabrics available.  Some are lightweight and water resistant – suitable for outdoor pursuits in summer and there’s a range of heavier duty knits, weaves and fleece that you’ll be glad of when temperatures plummet in the bleak midwinter. 

Neck Gaiter & Face Protection

Neck gaiters that can be used for face protection are among our best sellers – and for good reason.  They are incredibly versatile and perform an important function.  Now, your face may not exactly be your fortune, but the one you have is definitely worth protecting. Neck gaiters protect against UV rays, dust and sand, keep you warm in winter among others. 

We know you’ll love our variety of neck gaiters, especially our fantasy hero themed gaiters that include ‘The Punisher’, ‘Venom’, ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘Spiderman’. If your visage really isn’t much to write home about, you can always hide behind Breaking Bad’s ‘Walter White’ or a fantastic cartoon villain neck gaiter.

Ladies bandana style neck gaiters include prints like a Mexican Sugar Skull a la ‘Dia des Muertos’ and others, while our Galaxy print neck gaiter is out of this world.

We also offer a range of kids neck gaiters suitable for boys and girls with lightweight options for summer and more robust options to keep warm in winter.

A Quality Leg Gaiter Provides Great Protection

When it comes to leg gaiters, our customers are spoiled for choice.  We have a variety of leg gaiters – some that have been designed specifically to protect against mosquitos, ones that offer protection against snake bites, waterproof gaiters for hiking and conducting outdoor research and even unisex lycra spandex blend leg gaiters for sports. These are available in a number of prints including ultra-cool Japanese tattoo styles, anime print and colorful abstract prints.

An Arm Gaiter For Every Purpose

Arms gaiters are hugely popular among cyclists and runners who require something lightweight enough so as not to weigh them down, breathable and moisture wicking to keep them dry and avoid painful chafing, and that offers protection from harmful UV rays while they’re out on the road or trail.

We have a range of these gaiters available in different colours, printed and plain – including camouflage print for the tough guys, which are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for both men and women. They’re quick and easy to put on and remove, are easy to clean and fast drying too.

View our range of arm gaiters here.