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A Choice Of Trail Running and Ankle Gaiters 

Once you go to the dirt, you never go back. We love the sense of freedom that trail running offers, going off-road - finding your rhythm as you navigate uneven terrain with a variety of obstacles - sand, rocks, tree roots and mud. It’s about endurance and mental strength - pushing yourself a little harder as you revel in the natural beauty of your surroundings and the mood enhancing burst of endorphins.

What we don’t love is the merciless torture of trail debris that manages to work its way into your shoes.  Nothing can ruin a run quite like sand, sticks, stones and gravel chafing away inside your socks.

Then there’s the unholy trinity of heat, moisture and friction that ultimately leads to painful blisters – you know what I’m talking about. So, whether you’re an open-road enthusiast or a badlands trail running warrior, you know that well-made, durable running gaiters that keep out moisture and debris are absolute essentials.

Why Running Gaiters Matter

If heading out in the pre-dawn for some solitary miles on the asphalt is more your thing, we’ve got you covered.  We offer a range of running gaiters that are constructed from lightweight yet durable nylon lycra that attach quickly, easily and securely to your shoelaces with a clip.

Some gaiters feature Velcro flaps which secure the gaiters over the top of your shoe, providing additional support and protection to your ankles. Given the high impact of road running on your joints, this is a real bonus. These are easy to adjust to ensure your comfort and protection. Other gaiters are tapered at the ankle and flare over the shoe with a rubber closure lock and lanyard and an adjustable bottom strap with a buckle.

No matter your preference, you’ll find your ideal gaiters right here.  

Ankle Gaiters For All Conditions

High cut ankle gaiters that offer additional support to your ankles while keeping debris from invading your socks and peace of mind are a runner’s best friend. Designed for running in all conditions, whether you’re facing rain, snow or sand (and let’s face it, if it ain’t raining, you ain’t training) – these comfortable, light-weight and ergonomically designed gaiters go the extra mile. They’re easy to clean – simply toss in the washing machine with the rest of your running gear, while you put your feet up, but be sure to air dry only to extend the longevity of your gaiters.

Trail Running Gaiters For Adventurers

Sturdy, durable trail running gaiters are a must, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned adventure racer, keeping water, sand, stones and other unwanted trail debris out of your shoes is the first order of business.  Once you’ve taken care of the basics, you can focus on putting one foot in front of the other, navigating the obstacles ahead and enjoying the pure exhilaration that is a great trail run – because as any trail runner will confirm, running wild nurtures the soul.  

Before you hit the trailhead, get your pair of trail running gaiters here today.