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Leg gaiters for all seasons

Our Gaiter Goblins have sourced a huge variety of leg gaiters designed to cater to your every need.  We all know that leg gaiters serve the same basic function – and that’s to keep stuff out.  But there’s so much more to it than that. The best gaiter for the job depends on a number of factors including the kind of trip you’ve planned, the terrain and notably – the weather conditions. Then there’s the question of your comfort. Wearing leg gaiters that are keeping your pants dry are worthless if they are ill fitting, causing irritation and limiting movement.

Multi-purpose leg gaiters

We’ve taken all these factors into consideration and have selected only the best performing gaiters for you. Because of this, you’ll find that there is some overlap of function between the different types of gaiters on offer – leg gaiters for hiking are generally lightweight and breathable and offer protection from rain and snow. They keep your socks and boots free of grit and other trail debris and being waterproof; can perform double duty as mountaineering gaiters.

Leg gaiters for snow

Having dedicated leg gaiters for snow conditions is a smart choice as these gaiters are typically much taller than gaiters used for hiking.  These babies perform regular gaiter duty by keeping grit, scree and other debris out of your socks and boots, but they’re also designed to withstand much tougher conditions and make things a whole lot more pleasant for the wearer – especially when you’re traversing deep snow or out in bad weather.

When choosing the best leg gaiter for your needs bear in mind the gaiter height is a good indication of the level of protection offered. Taller gaiters offer more coverage and protection when you’re out in the snow, while shorter gaiters are more comfortable and practical for light hiking or trail running.