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Cycling and Running Neck Gaiters for Winter and Summer

Running neck gaiters and cycling neck gaiters have a lot in common – they need to be comfortable, light-weight, versatile and easy to put on and take off.  Their function is to protect runners and cyclists against the bracing cold and icy winds in winter while still being breathable and offer ultraviolet protection and moisture wicking in the height of the summertime heat.

Neck gaiters are hugely popular with runners and cyclists. They’re easy to put on – simply pull it over your head like a headband and then slide it down over your neck. Adjust it to suit your level of comfort – either pushed down so it only covers your neck, or you can raise it to cover your mouth and nose

Ours come in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs so we’ve got you covered in terms of looking stylish and enjoying protection from the elements.

Light And Comfortable Cycling Neck Warmer

Our cycling neck warmers are light-weight, soft and wind resistant, offering warmth and comfort while providing a protective layer against dust particles when worn over your nose and mouth. 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who logs miles over the weekends, a long distance enthusiast,  you prefer cycling solo or riding with a group or whether climbing, sprinting or time trialing is your forte,– you’ll love the warmth and protection our cycling neck warmers provide.

Cycling combines great physical exercise with time to think, reflect and process while exploring outdoors. Because as cyclists we’re hooked by the sense of freedom that being on our bikes provides, we love the fact that our neck gaiters are easy to clean and fast drying so they’re always ready for the next ride.

All-Weather Running Neck Gaiter

Running neck gaiters are great accessories for all sorts of weather and are the open secret of runners everywhere. Yes, you can slather on layers of sunscreen but by donning a lightweight protective neck gaiter you’re protecting yourself from the dangers of too much sun exposure.

Then there’s windburn.  This occurs when extreme temperatures combine with strong winds, stripping the oils from your skin and leaving you looking dried out, desiccated and burnt. You can avoid the indignity simply by applying a layer of moisturizer and covering your face with a versatile running neck gaiter – trust us, your cheeks will thank you.

Warm Winter Neck Gaiter

You’re tough and built of stronger stuff so you’re not going to let something like arctic winds and a few inches of snow stop you from getting out there and enjoying outdoor activities. Suffering is optional, which is why we opt for a warm, wind resistant winter neck gaiter.

Because they’re lightweight, they are perfect for layering under your scarf and coat, they don’t soak up moisture and you can wear them in a number of ways, depending on what you want to keep warm. A range of fabrics, design and colors are available keeping you warm and looking stylish. 

Get your versatile winter neck gaiter today.