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Cycling and Running Sleeves In Various Styles

Are you looking for a choice of cycling and running sleeves in various styles? The Gaiter Goblin team had you in mind when it came to sourcing a variety of stylish, comfortable and lightweight cycling and running sleeves!

Cyclists and runners have similar requirements when it comes to gaiters – we’ve mentioned comfortable and lightweight but other factors to consider include UV protection, breathability of fabric, ease of cleaning and temperature control – among others.

You’ll appreciate the warmth provided by a pair of sleeves that fit well and don’t constantly slide down your arms when you head out in the pre-dawn. When the sun climbs higher in the sky, you’re grateful for the lightweight material that keeps you cool and the excellent UV protection provided.

Cycling Sleeves For Comfort And Convenience

Cycling sleeves hardly seem like mission critical items of cycling gear – but trust us, they are. They keep your arms nice and warm when the temperature is cool, and conversely, keeps you cool and protected from harmful UV rays when the sun is doing its level best to end you when you’re spending extended periods in the saddle.

If you’re new to cycling, you may not be aware of the hidden benefit of using cycling sleeves. Seasoned cyclists swear by these sleeves because of the compression they offer.  This improves blood circulation and supports your arm muscles, lessening fatigue.

They’re easy to put on at the start of a descent and just as quick and easy to strip off and shove into a pocket when approaching a brutal incline.  Our sleeves also negate the use of thick, sticky sunscreen which creates an uncomfortable mess when things really get heated. Bottom line? Cycling sleeves are an extremely useful addition to your cycling kit.  You can get yours here.

Running Sleeves That Go The Distance

Running sleeves are a lightweight, practical way to protect yourself from the elements whether you’re facing the early morning chill or baking midday sun. Favored by ultra-marathon runners that compete in events like the gruelling and unforgiving 6-day 251km MDS or Marathon Des Sade, as well runners who enjoy a 30-minute run as a means to up their cardio quotient.  UV protection, protecting your arms from bug bites, increasing visibility to motorists are just some of the benefits you can expect from our range of brightly coloured, comfortable running sleeves.