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UV, Sun Protection And Warm Sleeves

What’s the deal with UV, sun protection and warm sleeves? You’ll find these are terms usually bandied about by outdoor enthusiasts when they are debating the merits of gaiters and the different levels of protection they offer.

Let’s start with UV. This is simply the abbreviation for Ultraviolet.  Ultraviolet is a form of electromagnetic radiation present in sunlight.  There are 3 types on the UV spectrum – UVA, UVB and UVC. We don’t need to worry about UVC rays from the sun as we are protected from these by the ozone layer, but let’s take a closer look at UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays penetrate your dermis, or middle layer of skin and are responsible for photoageing – they cause wrinkles.  They can also play a role in the formation of certain skin cancers.

UVB rays penetrate your epidermis or outer layer of skin and are responsible for the formation of Vitamin D – a good thing, but too much and they cause sunburn. They are responsibly for damaging the DNA in cells and are responsible for most skin cancers.

Our gaiters and sun protection sleeves offer great protection from harmful UV exposure.

UV Protection For Outdoor Pursuits

Now you know the dangers posed by harmful UV exposure, it just makes sense to add a pair of UV Protection Sleeves to your cart for yourself and anyone in your family that spends any time outdoors. This is particularly true for kids whether they’re simply playing outside or taking part in sport - and older relatives who may enjoy leisurely walks or are avid gardeners.

Our sun protection sleeves come in an array of designs and colours – some with matching neck gaiters - that are lightweight, comfortable and stylish while still providing superb UV protection. Breathable fabric ensures that you stay cool and protected when the sun’s at its hottest but it’s still necessary to cover up with a pair of UV protection sleeves when you’re engaging in outdoor pursuits - even when it’s overcast - because UV rays are still able to cause harm.

 When you’re heading out to enjoy some time outdoors and you have your sun protection sleeves packed, remember UV rays can also cause serious damage to your eyes – so remember to pack your sunglasses too.

A Trick Up Your Warm Sleeve

Why use warm sleeves when you can just wear a hoodie or a pullover? I’m so glad you asked.  It involves portability, convenience and weight.  If I’m heading out on a trail or hitting the road for some serious mileage while the early morning air is still on the bracing side of cool, I need something lightweight that’s easy to put on and remove, that will keep me warm but that won’t encumber me or weigh me down when the mercury rises and conditions improve.

If you like to travel light, warm sleeves are the answer you’ve been looking for.