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Kids Gaiters and Neck Warmers

Kids gaiters and neck warmers are among the most versatile accessories around and have so many practical uses that smart parents around the world are turning to neck gaiters for their kids.

These multitasking miracles are essentially tubular sleeves that fit over the head and are worn around the neck. Kids’ gaiters can be pulled up to cover the lower half of the face including mouth and nose. For kids that struggle with wearing masks – especially having something pulling at their ears, gaiters are basically super comfortable masks that don’t fall off.  Bonus feature – kids’ neck gaiters are pretty difficult for kids to lose.

Lightweight Kids Neck Warmer

Gaiters function superbly as kids’ neck warmers.  They are lightweight, comfortable, fit snugly without being restrictive and insulate little necks against the cold.  Neck gaiters protect against sunburn, shield against dust and wind and keep out the cold when the mercury plummets.

Our range of kids’ neck warmers are available in a variety of warm fabrics that are soft against the skin, breathable, well made, durable and easy to clean. Unlike scarves, they stay in place easily and don’t constantly come undone while playing so kids can get on with being kids.

 Durable Kids Gaiter

Kids’ gaiters come in a huge range of kid friendly colours, fabrics and prints. Plain and patterned, cartoon themed and novelty prints including lovable monsters.

 One of our favorite things about kids is the very interesting questions they ask. An adult will ask after your interests. A kid will hone in and get very specific and ask, “What is your third favorite dinosaur?” Pro tip – you can’t go wrong with answering “A Stegosaurus”. For the little dinosaur fans in your life, we have a range of dinosaur print kids’ gaiters as well as Sharks, outer space, cartoon gaiters for boys and girls and  novelty holiday prints for Christmas and Halloween.  

Our kids’ gaiters are comfortable, well-made, durable, easy to clean and great value for money. From experience, we recommend keeping extra kids’ gaiters in your glove compartment. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve had to go back home because a little voice piped up in the backseat to tell us that they’d forgotten theirs. And - in a pinch, when you’re caught without tissues or a handkerchief, a spare gaiter can double up for nose blowing duty.