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Skull Gaiters

Our selection of Skull gaiters combine heavy metal thunder and pure rock n roll, baby. These bold, badass designs were originally made famous by pirates, Hell’s Angels and rebels from all walks of life.

The skull symbolizes different things to different people – be it death, and hence living each day to the fullest, or overcoming adversity, it may warn of danger to some, while reminding others of spirituality and the afterlife, this iconic gothic design oozes cool and features on a range of our gaiters.

Skull gaiters can be worn as a face mask, bandana, beanie, headband, helmet liner or as a hairband.

One thing is certain – our skull neck gaiters never go out of style and are equally at home whether you’re a groupie or bass guitarist, on a motorcycle, at a music festival or heading out to a movie – you can rock this look today!

Halloween Neck Buff

A Halloween neck buff is just the thing if ghosts, goblins, ghouls and witches are your idea of frightfully good fun. We offer a selection of quality Halloween print pumpkin gaiters from the cute and magical to the downright scary in an array of unisex designs and colors.  Some of our gaiters are a downright scream.

Our terrifying Halloween Face Gaiter is straight from the crypt!

Scary Neck Warmer

Other than skulls, we have a fantastic range of scary neck warmers on offer which takes scary good looks to the next level. You can pull these tubular scarves up over your mouth, nose and ears which will keep you warm and block out dust and debris while sending a chill down the spine of whoever is nearby.

Our scary neck warmer designs include realistic-looking and terrifying reptilians with large fangs, werewolves, monsters with sharp teeth and more.

Take your Check them out here, today.