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The Deal With Sport Sleeves, Basketball And Support Sleeves Among Professional Athletes

Since the early 2000s, various sports sleeves, basketball and support sleeves have been spotted by fans on the arms of professional athletes.  This includes appearances at the most prestigious sporting arenas around the world - like Wimbledon centre court, and Staples Centre - home of the LA Lakers. This trend was adopted by fans who wear them as fashion accessories.

It started when Allen ‘The Answer’ Iverson, playing for the Sixers during the 2000/2001 season, wore a basketball sleeve to support and protect his elbow when he was suffering from Bursitis – an inflammatory condition caused by repetitive movement and excessive pressure.

The first night wearing his support sleeve, he scored 51 points and consistently posted high numbers for the rest of the season. Psychologist Steven Kotler believes this association acts as a psychological placebo - leading to improved performance - in addition to the actual physiological benefits.  These sleeves support blood flow to the muscles, increasing circulation, reduce soreness and as a result improve performance – something every professional athlete looking for that extra edge desires.   

Athletes across a range of sporting disciplines have also found that wearing support sleeves reduces recovery time from the dreaded DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Sport Sleeves To Give You The Winning Edge

RICE or Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation are the treatments followed for bursitis and tendonitis – common afflictions among athletes.  This is why you’ll often spot your favorite professional athletes wearing a sport sleeve. Everyone from bowlers right through to basketball players find them extremely useful.

Someone who takes sport sleeves very seriously is the legendary tennis player and Grand Slam Champion Serena Williams who has worn these at Wimbledon and Roland Garros. These provide support and protection from the blood clots she has suffered throughout her illustrious career.

Support Sleeves For Every Need

Arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time, legendary LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant, who died tragically in a Helicopter crash in January of 2020, suffered from an injury that necessitated the wearing of a support sleeve.

The graduated compression offered by these support sleeves works with the biomechanics of your arm and makes for quicker, more effective warm-ups as well as a reduced recovery time.

Basketball Sleeves To Make Shooting Hoops A Breeze

 LeBron James, also of the LA Lakers, favors a basketball sleeve to stop his shooting hand from getting slippery with sweat, giving him a better grip on the ball. These sleeves also keep his shooting arm warm, preventing his muscles from tightening up, increasing circulation, reducing soreness and improving his shooting form.

When making your selection, consider a lightweight sleeve that fits well. Too tight and it’ll restrict your shot and you may not make the bucket. Too loose and it’ll keep sliding down your arm, getting in your way.

Whatever your preference in terms of design, style or colour, you’ll score with our selection of basketball sleeves.