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Comfortable Fleece and Buff Neck Gaiters

Fleece and Buff neck gaiters are arguably some of the most useful and versatile items of clothing we own – we like to think of them as being the Swiss Army Knife of our wardrobe. Because they’re small, light-weight, ultra-durable and multi-purpose, we always keep an extra neck gaiter in our glove compartment and they always make it close to the top of the ‘what to pack’ list, when we travel.

Here’s why:

You can use your neck gaiter in a pinch as a makeshift bandage to support a sprained ankle, wrist or knee when you’re out on a trail to support the injured joint, keep it in place and limit movement until you’re able to get medical care. And in more dire circumstances your neck gaiter can also be used to stop the bleed – as a makeshift tourniquet. 

We stock a variety of these hard-working, multi-taskers in a choice of fabrics, sizes and thickness - colourful, plain, patterned, and expressive novelty print neck gaiters. You’ll find a range of ultra-lightweight thin neck gaiters that keep the bugs out and the sun off your neck as well as sturdier waterproof neck warmers that offer greater protection in cold, wet weather.  

The Versatile Buff Neck Gaiter

Buff neck gaiters are useful as cold weather accessories when you’re exercising outdoors – you can pull it up over your mouth and nose when you’re heading out for an early morning run. It will offer protection from the icy cold air while still allowing you to breathe easily.

Neck gaiters are popular accessories among outdoor enthusiasts including hikers, cyclists, runners, mountain bikers and adventure racers – especially when the sun climbs higher and starts beating down mercilessly, buff neck gaiters offer a measure of protection from sunburn and keeps out any creepy crawlies.

A soft, lightweight neck gaiter also makes for a fantastic sleep mask, particularly when travelling. It muffles unfamiliar noise and blocks out light allowing you to get some shut eye whether you’re in a hotel, a backpackers’ dorm or an overland tour bus.

Fleece Neck Gaiter For Enhanced Comfort

Soft, comfortable fleece neck gaiters protect your neck against icy winds and anything the elements throw at you when your upturned coat collar just won’t cut it. The tightly knit fleece keeps you warm and toasty when the weather turns nasty.

Whichever neck gaiter you choose, you can be assured of great quality, design and value for money from us