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Protective Gaiters That Work

Gaiters are incredibly versatile, providing protection that isn’t just limited to outdoor pursuits like trekking, hiking, trail running or mountaineering. Outdoors, they do a really fine job of keeping out thorns, stickers, foxtails, stones, blackjacks, mosquitoes and all the other little irritants that can make life miserable when you’re on the trail – but they’ve also been designed for all kinds of other conditions where additional protection, insulation or waterproofing is needed by the wearer.

Whether you’re doing waterproofing, welding, cutting, or general home maintenance, a set of sturdy gaiters is a really good idea when it comes to protecting your clothing and footwear.

You’ll find that mid-calf and knee length gaiters are more suited to wearing over work boots and ideally need to fit snugly to form a seal around your boots to keep irritants out. Mid-calf gaiters are around 8-12 inches while knee length gaiters offer more coverage, coming in at around 15-18 inches.

All-Purpose Protective Gaiters

Protective gaiters can form part of personal protective equipment or PPE where they are worn to mitigate workplace hazards, provide protection and reduce exposure to irritants.

We provide a range of gaiters that offer varying degrees of protection depending on your requirements. If you’re looking for gaiters to protect your boots while you catch up on some light DIY around the house - or need more serious protection while welding or angle grinding - you’ll find exactly what you need right here. 

And, the next time you fire up the BBQ, you might want to do it with the added convenience and safety of our gaiters that are designed specifically to protect your feet and shins from grease splashes and stray embers.

Sturdy, Protective Boot Gaiters

Boot gaiters are high gaiters that are designed to be worn over your boots – and they’re a great way to keep out scree and debris while offering additional insulation, protection and waterproofing. A variety of purpose-made materials include an abrasion-resistant nylon lycra blend, heavy duty leather and durable waterproof canvas, among others.

Gaiters worn for horse riding are made from soft leather and canvas and protect your calves and clothing from stirrup leather and other saddle parts. And, if we’re talking about a different kind of horsepower – and freedom - you’ll find our Protective Motorcycle gaiters tick all the automotive boxes by offering you a combination of effortless style, comfort and protection