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Fishing Neck Gaiters To Protect You In The Sun

Author Ernest Hemingway was a passionate fisherman, fishing the lakes and creeks near the family’s summer home in Michigan from early childhood, progressing to the thrill of big game fishing in pursuit of Atlantic Blue Marlin and White Marlin in the Bahamas, Cuba and the Florida Keys.

Just like Hemingway, we enjoy spending a day out on the water, and as far as we’re concerned, a day spent fishing, is a day well spent. But while Hemingway favoured the ‘Oysterman’ cap, we prefer the combination of a cap and a fishing neck gaiter, to protect you in the sun.

Whatever your preferred form of recreational fishing – whether it’s enjoying the quiet solitude and elegance of fly fishing for trout or salmon in lakes and streams, or the thrill of the chase in the Lakes of Southern African in pursuit of the ferocious freshwater game fish and Apex Predator, the Tiger Fish - a good lightweight fishing neck gaiter offers the sun protection you need.

Rugged Fishing Neck Gaiter

Fishing neck gaiters protect your skin from the ravages of the sun, wind and surf while being light-weight, comfortable and ideally moisture wicking – drawing sweat away from your skin. Anglers of every description from fly casters to offshore game fishers will find the fishing neck gaiter best suited to their needs – as always in a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs. Here’s to tight lines!

Protective Sun Gaiter

Our Sun gaiters are produced in a range of sizes and lightweight, breathable fabrics for men and women to protect your face and neck against the sun beating overhead and from the reflected rays of harmful ultraviolet off the surface of the water

Why is protection necessary?

Well, we’re all aware that too much sun exposure is dangerous and results in premature ageing of the skin and even skin cancer. But did you know that sunburn can also harm your immune system? As white blood cells work hard to create new cells, they are less available for fighting infection and viruses - leaving your immune system exposed. UV rays can also damage your eyes by burning your corneas causing blurred vision, leaving you more susceptible to cataracts and even leading to blindness in some cases. Why take chances? It just makes sense to cover up, buttercup.

Our sun gaiters are also fast-drying and easy to clean, making them an absolute catch!