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Snowboard and Ski Neck Gaiters in Various Designs

Butt-draggers and experts adept at Double Black Diamond slopes alike often require some extra help when it comes to staying warm during resort season. Our range of snowboard and ski neck gaiters in various designs will see to it that you stay toasty and warm as you hit the powder and carve the slopes.

For us, the added insulation offered by a downy soft snowboarding gaiter or ski neck gaiter that fits well and locks out the cold is the way to go. In terms of choosing the ski neck gaiter that’s right for you, there are a couple of considerations – comfort, design and durability.

Get yourself a neck gaiter that’s easy to put on and take off, that fits snugly and keeps out the cold, but without being too tight so that it feels restrictive. Look for one in a soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable against your skin and doesn’t chafe.

We would suggest looking for a ski neck gaiter that’s versatile in design so you can wear it around your neck and also raise it up over your mouth and nose when the wind starts biting.

Wear and tear is another factor to consider.  Look for a well-made, sturdy gaiter that will perform well and last longer.

Essential Snowboarding Gaiter

Are snowboarding gaiters strictly necessary?

We believe so. We’ve found that while regular snowboarding gear offers excellent insulation, keeping your hands, feet and body warm, there’s always that gap around the neck where the cold seeps in.

Our snowboarding gaiters come in a range of fabrics that are versatile enough for both bluebird days and for providing much needed insulation when conditions are downright frigid. A massive choice of designs will have you looking great both on the slopes and at the lodge.

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Stylish Ski Neck Gaiter

A good ski neck gaiter will keep your face warm, offer protection from the sun, block the worst of the wind and even protect you a little if you face plant – let’s hope it's powder and not hardpack.  

Most of us need a little extra help staying warm on the slopes and ski neck gaiters can double up as useful face coverings when you’re waiting in line or on the ski lift.  Look for one that wicks moisture so you stay dry and maintain your temperature. Ours will keep your warm and looking stylish on the slopes and après ski!