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Waterproof Gaiters and Outdoor Research Gaiters

If you’re anything like us you expect your gaiters to be hard working multi-taskers. Instead of needing a pair of waterproof gaiters and then another pair of outdoor research gaiters, it makes so much more sense to have a pair of all-star performers that are water resistant – keeping you dry, comfortable and protecting you from scree and debris invading your socks and shoes.

When adventure calls – in the form of long, arduous trail runs, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering, or in the line of duty while performing outdoor research - you can answer that call confidently knowing that mud, talus, slush, scree and snow are no match for a pair of our well-made, durable gaiters.  

Multi-functional Waterproof Gaiters

Waterproof gaiters are ideal in wet weather conditions when you’re crashing through the undergrowth and also protects against burrs and thorns while making your way through dense foliage.  

Whether you’re enjoying leisure activities like climbing, mountaineering and hiking, or working and conducting research in cold, wet conditions, you’ll be glad you’re wearing a durable, multi-functional gaiter that offers truly superior protection. Our gaiters prevent mud, snow and moisture from entering the top of your boots or shoes and allow moisture to escape, keeping your feet comfortable and dry.  And if you’ve spent any amount of time outdoors in inclement weather conditions with cold, wet, soggy socks you know just how miserable and demoralizing it can be.

Whatever your specific requirements in waterproof gaiters, we’re confident you’ll find the right pair for your needs - right here.  

Outdoor Research Gaiters

With critical environmental issues that include climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution, more field researchers than ever are being required to conduct outdoor research. To do this successfully, having the right gear at your disposal is crucial, and that includes sturdy outdoor research gaiters.

As an environmental scientist conducting outdoor research, you play a pivotal role in protecting our biodiversity and saving species on the brink of extinction. Whether your field of expertise involves studying mass coral bleaching and requires outdoor research recording ocean temperatures, focuses on the rainforest or reducing pollution and finding solutions for cleaner waterways, outdoor research is essential to help provide answers in a race against time as the climate crisis intensifies.

As a professional who loves the environment but would prefer keeping the great outdoors out of your socks and shoes, we have a number of outdoor research gaiters that'll keep you dry and protected from debris.