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Men’s Gaiters and Neck Warmers

Our men’s gaiters and neck warmers come in a vast array of colours, fabrics, sizes and styles to suit a range of environments, functions and of course, tastes. From gaiters for EDC through to more specialized gaiters that’ll have your back in a blizzard.

Like you, our gaiters are tough, durable, can withstand a lot of punishment, they’re versatile top performers and great to have around. We have lightweight options that’ll allow you to keep your cool on breezy summer days, protecting you from too much UV exposure and wind and more rugged, robust gaiters that’ll keep you snug when it’s cold, wet and dark out.  Even for those of us more used to scarves, the switch to neck gaiters was a no brainer.  Easy to put on and take off, there are no fussy bits that come undone and let the cold in and they’re arguably more stylish and streamlined.

Men’s Neck Warmers That Stand Out

If, like us, you like a sleek fit, you’ll love our range of men’s neck warmers – particularly our winter thermal neck warmer. Constructed from spandex its mesh reinforcements ensure its windproof while remaining lightweight, comfortable and breathable – and it offers protection against harmful UV rays.  These gaiters are enough on their own to keep you insulated against ‘normal’ cold, but if you’re dealing with sub-zero temperatures its best to layer and wear it under your shirt, coat and scarf.   

Wearing men’s neck warmers will make a huge difference to your level of comfort and will keep you warm and protect your neck, face, ears, mouth and nose in chilly conditions.

Whichever your preference, you can view our men’s neck warmers here

Classic Men’s Gaiters

While men’s gaiters are not vital, like electricity and a good Bourbon, they sure make life a lot more comfortable – especially when it comes to outdoor pursuits. We enjoy roughing it, probably just as much as the next guy, but why suffer unnecessarily? If you love spending your leisure time outdoors getting your fix of fresh air and natural splendour the right gaiters will make the experience that much more enjoyable and hassle free. Whether you’re an avid fisherman and enjoy spending time out on the water or trail running over gnarled tree roots through verdant forests or perhaps heading out onto the slopes in a winter wonderland is more your style  - you’ll find what you need right here.