Neck Gaiter - Guy Fawkes

Neck Gaiter - Guy Fawkes

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When You Need Protection for Your Face and Neck

This is the best way to protect your face from the cold, it's super soft and it's very discreet. You can also wear it as a scarf, beanie, and ear warmer if you get really cold.

Multiple Functions - Unlike other masks, this multifunctional mask is not only a face mask but also a neck gaiter or balaclava, headband or ear warmer! You can use it for other purposes when needed.

Easily Worn - Designed with stretchable material so it is easy to put on/take off and can also be stretched over other headwear like hats or helmets!

Fits securely - This headband won't slip off or fall down during use! It will stay snugly on your head all day long!

Durable and soft - Made from a high quality elastic material, this face mask/neck gaiter/balaclava/headband/much more! is so soft and breathable!

Multiple uses - Use this multifunctional Guy Fawkes face mask as a face mask, neck gaiter, balaclava, headband, ear warmer or beanie!

Unlimited Ways To Wear - One mask can do so much! This seamless stretchable head scarf also works great as a neck warmer, scarf gaiter, balaclava, headband, ear warmer, beanie and can be worn in many other ways too!

Secure Protection - High quality material means this mask/neck gaiter/balaclava/headband can protect you from the elements (i.e., sun, wind) without causing any skin irritation or discomfort